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Precautions in Periods

By  Rishabh Gupta , Rama University Kanpur

Periods is like a battle that every women has to fight. In this fight they pass through extremely painful experiences. Its Important that every women should cautious about their health and personal hygiene while they are on Periods. Periods is no longer a word you can’t speak about in public. May be few in numbers but there are people who no more consider it as a Taboo.

The problem arises when women are not aware about the precautions to be taken while periods because anything happening in your body requires attention and in every situation there are some do’s and the don’ts. So what are those points , every mensurating girl or women should keep in mind? Here are some of them:-
Change pads frequently in every 3 or 4 hours. Always use a bio degradable pad. This way you don’t end up with an odour or bacteria that may grow in the blood and may harm your health.
Drinking at least 12 to 15 glasses of water a day during your periods help in fighting the bloated feeling as it flushes waste of your body .As your oestrogen and progesterone levels recede ,your body retains system and causes constipation and bloating.
A most common mistake that women make during their menstrual cycle .They should not miss checking the colour of their period blood as it is the blood colour that reveals a lot of about your health. Women tend to push themselves even on those hard days .This is not a good idea as when you are on your period , not resting enough could also make you more cranky and anxious.
In periods some women skip meals cause of bloated stomach but some women turns to eat more food for feel better. But there is a big question what type of food should be eaten in periods and what type of food should be avoided?
Women should eat :-
1- Bananas
Banana is high source of vitamin B6,rich in potassium and magnesium. A great fruit to boosting your energy and keep your digestive system happy.
2- Chocolate
For the best dose of antioxidants and magnesium you need to choose dark chocolate with a high cacao content.
The egg yolk contains fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and protein .Eggs are great for breakfast and dinner.
Such as spinach (palak), cabbage(patta gobhi) and beetroot(chukandar) are must because of their rich iron and fibre content.
5-Melons and watermelon
These are good summer fruits to eat during periods .They help you stay hydrated and feel less bloated.

Something to avoid eating while on Periods are:-

Drinking alcohol can worsen your PMS symptoms and make your periods irregular over the time.
It also makes you feel more bloated so women should avoid having it during their cycles.
Consumption of caffeine drinks while periods can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which leads to anxiety. You can go for green or ginger tea , it is good for health.
3.Processed Foods
Fast food, pickles and canned products have unhealthy ingredients and preservatives. They are not the type of food which you should be consuming during this time.
4-Salty Foods
Having foods which have a high content of salts can increase the feeling of bloated. It is better to avoid those high in salts foods while you are menstruating.

Women are so worried about the “Type of food to avoid during periods” that they forget what should be eaten during periods.
So , Instead of looking for ‘what not to eat during periods’ you should eat a well balanced proper diet of appropriate proportions that can help you manage your health all the time and not only while you are menstruating.


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