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Say “NO” to Plastic Based Sanitary Pads !

By Muskan Sharma , Rama University , Kanpur

After all programmes, events , camps, short films and movies like “Padman” we have already done so much awareness towards woman’s personal hygiene and health. But have you ever thought that what goes into a sanitary pad? Even after a lot of awareness being done , no one is concerned about what goes into sanitary pads.

There are about 355 million menstruating women in India, which means approximate 30% of our country’s population. As per the national family and health survey we found that 58% of  women in India use sanitary pads  and there number is increased by 12% in 2010 as per the report of plan and AC Nielsen study.

After observing this change many  companies have expanded their products range and production also but the questions is, do girls and women have sufficient knowledge about the sanitary products they should use. Women nowadays are highly concerned about their personal hygiene but in a country where periods are considered as Taboo , how could anyone question about the goodness of a sanitary pad?

Everyone talks about the features of a sanitary pad such as super absorption,  long time protection, hide periods odour etc. but very less are aware of the side-effects of these sanitary pads on their health.

Menstruation is one of the significant process of a women’s body and it deserves utmost caution and self care. During periods it is very important to be conscious about personal hygiene. Almost all the Sanitary pads available at the local store or market contain polyurethane i.e. they are approximately 90% of plastic. And using these plastic based pads is very hazardous for your personal hygiene it causes infections , irritation and in extreme cases it can lead to inflammation of vaginal area.

Some serious effects of non-biodegradable sanitary pads are:-

  • Genital problem .
  • Urinary tract infections (UTI).
  • Skin irritation .
  • Cervical cancer .
  • Vaginal inflammation.
  • Hepatitis B.  and so many other dangerous diseases.

Now the main questions is ” What should be done to protect yourself from the side-effects of a plastic sanitary pad? ” And the answer to this is question is simple , you can do nothing other than replacing your plastic based sanitary pad  with a biodegradable sanitary pad and we will feel blessed.

say no to plastics 2019

Using biodegradable sanitary pads is very beneficial and important as it is made from skin friendly material which not only helps you in maintaining personal hygiene far better than a plastic-based sanitary pad but also keeps you away from the diseases caused by non-biodegradable sanitary pads. Not only protecting the leaks but also It allows your skin to breath, it doesn’t restricts the flow of air.

I wish that one day each and every women on this planet will feel free to talk about personal health and hygiene. I want you to understand the importance of right personal hygiene not only personal hygiene. So all the women out there, let us take one step forward to boycott the use of plastic based sanitary napkins and start using biodegradable pads to take care of your health and environment at the same time.