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Pink Lifeline is a initiative of students of Faculty of commerce and management in Rama University ,Kanpur keeping two factors in mind. One is increasing the awareness in young and working females about sanitation and importance of personal hygiene and the other is by protecting our planet by reducing the usage of non-biodegradable and plastic based sanitary pads for a greener earth.
Pink Lifeline has came up with a minimal yet effective solution of reducing the usage of non-biodegradable sanitary pads and by increasing the awareness about personal hygine by launching “The Pink Box” which contains Chemical Free and Environment Friendly personal hygiene products for girls and working women studying and staying in Hostels and PGs and as sometimes they face awkwardness and try to cover their sanitary napkins in shops and they can’t walk openly with their essential personal hygiene products just because of society’s menatlity.

We just want to reduce the plastic consumption on earth not by compromising on the personal and intimate hygiene of women but by promoting green mensuration.As movies like ‘Padman’ has done a great job in creating awareness but it has a different side too. With the increase in awareness the usage of plastic-based sanitary napkins and other personal hygiene products are increasing day by day and there are approximately 355 million women mensurating each year in India which means 12.8 Billion pads are disposed off every year out of which a huge number of pads are not properly disposed , some of them are burned in open and some lay on the ground waiting 500-800 years to decompose just a single pad !
WIth such a huge number of years just to decade one single plastic based sanitary pad , Imagine millions of pads dumped into the ground.That is where Pink Lifeline comes to rescue , we provide bio-degradable sanitary pads which when disposed will turn into a compost and never harm our planet earth.
Other than that , we want to create awareness about the intimate hygiene in this stressful era and where young and working females mostly ignore intimate hygiene which may cause severe complications in the near future. Avoiding Proper Saniation and care of intimate area may cause complications like : Vaginal Inflammation , Urinary Tract Infections , irritation and in severe cases Ovarion Cancer.
Pink Lifeline wants to create awareness in the general public starting its operations from Kanpur and wants to expand more way ahead with the aim of “Green Mensuration.”

green mensuration
Work Done till now is that we have created samples of 10 Boxes with all the packaging and made a website which is under construction and at the time of writing this report (22 October 2019 ; 9:53 PM) is indexed to the search engines for public use.
We are currently working on the website to provide better user experience and hassle free payment system for the subscription. We need more funds for making more Personal Hygiene Kits to maintain our inventory.

As Pinklifeline has a unique way and working for the solution of intimate hygiene of women and we also work for the betterment of the environment by using eco-friendly and chemical free products. With no competitior as of now , we would be able to promote green mensuration at much higher pace and we can predict market response with much higher accuracy.
Major Challenges
A major challenge we will face is to shift the customer’s preference from using brands which sell non-biodegradable pads as women are comfortable using their old brand’s sanitary napkins which are deteroiting their health in their long run and we have the challenge of saving them from using these harmful sanitary pads and other chemical based personal hygiene products.

Another challenge for Pink Lifeline is to create awareness among the young and working women about the health hazards of using chemical and plastic based personal hygiene products and talking about this openely. As of now still in 21st century talking about mensuration is considered a taboo and women too avoid talking deeply about this topic to their male counterparts.

The other challenge is to control the cost of the product we outsource , As of now when we are dealing with small quantities we are facing huge cost per product but we believe that if we scale the quantity then we will be able to control our cost to a greater extent.To Do so , we require financial help to negotiate with the supplier.
One of the major area we need to tackle is the demographics of the audience we are targeting.As we all know purchasing power of Kanpur is comparitavely lesser than that of Delhi , We need to influence the female audience so to shift onto a bit of premium section sanitation.