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Do you know what Intimate hygiene is all about?

By Muskan Sharma , on 11/11/2019 -6:50 PM IST

What do you think personal hygiene is?
Is it just bathing, brushing, changing clothes that’s it? or anything else ??
Women do not realize that the key to a healthy body is also based upon regularly cleaning your intimate area as well. Also only bathing and cleaning your intimate area daily is not enough. We must assure to develop healthy eating habits and make sure to keep a tab on your menstrual cycle.
It is important to feel & smell clean and fresh , especially in the intimate area. Women use to ignore symptoms that involve there private body parts because they feel ashamed or embarrassed but we all need to become comfortable with our own anatomy.
Ignoring symptom such as changes in appearance, pain or irritation can mean you might miss picking up on a skin condition, an infection, or a disease and you may also miss something more spinster. Its estimated that more than 1,22,000 Indian women are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer every year.
So its high time, be conscious about your intimate hygiene. You must avoid soap and harmful chemical products. It is very important to use a good intimate wash to maintain hygiene. It will help you to stay protected from diseases by preventing the spread of harmful germs or bacteria and in improving your self-esteem and you will feel clean & fresh.
Now the question is, there are a lot of intimate wash available in the market so which intimate wash is best for intimate hygiene. We should always keep in mind that a good intimate wash MUST be :

  • Soap-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Anti-irritant.
  • NATURAL/Organic.
  • PH friendly.
  • Mild cleanser.
  • Protect against dryness.
  • Maintenance of balanced microflora.

Its a good idea to avoid perfumed soap, gels and antiseptics as these can affect the health and pH level in private area which can cause irritation because soap is made to maintain pH level of skin of body but not the intimate area.
It is very important to use a good and natural intimate wash to avoid :

  • Irritation.
  • Bad odour.
  • Itchiness.
  • Maintain PH level.
  • Protect from inflammation

The PINK box contains an Organic Intimate wash which is 100% natural and chemical free. It maintains the pH level as well as protect you intimate area from Irritation or itchiness , also it keeps you feel clean and healthy so you can enjoy your day.


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